Masaaki Mori

I am an artist based in Yokoham, Japan and work
with watercolor, acrylic.The subjects of my paintings
are mainly landscapes, portraits and still lifes.

Travel is an essential part of my life. Recent trips
have included Okinawa, Kumamoto, Kagoshima,
Kyoto and Hokkaido.My landscapes are inspired
from actual places where I have been.
The special  terrain of Okinawa has been a great
source of inspiration and visual pleasure for me.
I find myself drawn into it with  sustained momentum.
The beautiful sea provide a sense of comfort, and
constant wonder at their changing mood and light.
Journey gives me more insight as I seek to better 
understand my world.

"Free spirit" it is the real goal of every travel.
Being in a strange place opens my dream eyes,
and if I am carefly, and remember, when I come
home they won't close again.

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